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Jerry Thom

“There was no recovery, I didn’t even feel like I had surgery,” said Jerry Thom, age 66, who recently underwent a minimally invasive approach at CRMC to repair a hernia.

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“I had open inguinal hernia repair in North Dakota about six months earlier and that resulted in a seven-week recovery with an enormous amount of pain, bruising and swelling. I was at a family reunion this summer when my sister, a CRMC nurse, said you should have come to us because we don’t do open procedures and you’ll recover much faster. She was right, in CRMC’s surgery I received only three little prick holes, had no discomfort and didn’t need pain medication. I left the hospital the same day and within two days was on a drive to Arizona for the winter. CRMC is a small hospital but they are on top of things and do a tremendous job.”